Problem from nonlinear mixed model

I got an error message when running code: saemix.fit1 <- saemix(saemix.model,, saemix.options)
Here is the error message:
Error in optim(par = phi1, fn = conditional.distribution_c, phii = phii, :
function cannot be evaluated at initial parameters

The entire program is:
library(saemix) <- saemixData( =, = "ID",
name.predictors = "Time",
name.response = "Concentration")

model1cpt <- function(psi,ID,x) {
D <- 320
t <-x[,1]
ka <-psi[ID,1]
V <-psi[ID,2]
ke <-psi[ID,3]
fpred <-Dka/(V(ka-ke))(exp(-ket)-exp(-ka*t))

saemix.model <- saemixModel(model = model1cpt,
psi0 = c(ka=1,V=20,ke=0.5))

saemix.options <- list(map=TRUE, fim=TRUE,, displayProgress=FALSE, seed=632545)
saemix.fit1 <- saemix(saemix.model,, saemix.options)

It is from - This website is for sale! - webpopix Resources and Information.
Part 3:

3.3 Fitting a NLME model to the theophylline data

data is available here: Theophylline - Data Sets
Appreciate very much if you can help solve the problem, thank you!

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