Problem deploying: Error building image: Build exited with non-zero status: 127 on March 6, 2023

Hello. I found myself having problems deploying my apps, had the following message on March 6, 2024:

Unhandled Exception: child_task=1391853664 child_task_status=failed: Error building image: Error building MASS (7.3-60). Build exited with non-zero status: 127

I am using R version 4.3.3. Can Posit (or anyone who knows how) post a solution for this issue? Thanks.

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I would bet R 4.3.3 is not supported yet on so I would downgrade (or install a parallel 4.3.2 R version) to be able to publish for the time being or wait till the new version is supported.

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Hi. Here is the solution I found while Posit did not fix this problem for the R 4.3.3 version, on March 7, 2024:

  • Go to The R Installation Manager and install r-rig accordingly to your OS. I had to do this because I am a Linux user. Then run rig --help to understand how the rig works.

  • Select an available R version previous 4.3.3. I chose version 4.2.3.

  • Do the deployment. Enjoy!!!

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Thanks! Even downgrading from 4.3.3 to 4.3.2 was enough.
After installing rig, I used:

rig install 4.3.2
rig default 4.3.2

Then restart RStudio, publish shiny app. No issue with building MASS anymore.

Thanks, you are right. It's a shinyappsio problem.
I had R.4.3.3 and the problem for deploying to shinyappsio was ...
"Error: Unhandled Exception: child_task=1394167969 child_task_status=failed: Error building image: Error building R6 (2.5.1). Build exited with non-zero status: 127"

Unistalled R.4.3.3, install R4.3.2 and was deployed, my shiny code there were packages like openxlsx and it requires R.4.3.3 :frowning: so it is possible to deploy but the code doesn't work like it must.

openxlsx requires R (≥ 3.3.0) so R 4.3.2 is more than enough.