Probit model with panel data

Hi Community,

I am a novice user in R. I'm working with Version 1.3.1093 and Windows .

I'm working on a Panel Data Set for all activist interventions by hedge funds in Europe for the period 2005 - 2019(time variable). So I have data on a firm-year level. I created the ID Variable, giving a number to each company. I already calculated some financial ratios for each firm-year: Roa, Ebitda margin, Sales growth, LEverage, etc.
I also have data on Book to market ratio and Ln of Market value, I would like to run the binary probability model explaining the occurrence of hedge funds targeting ( targeted = 1, not targeted = 0) with the several variables mentioned above (lagged by one year).
This is the dataset:

Can you provide a reproducible example (not a screenshot)?

What code have you tried?

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