Pro-rated monthly billing?

I had a standard subscription ($99/month). On Oct 23 I was billed the standard monthly $99, and on Oct 24 I canceled the plan.

Will I be refunded a pro-rated portion of that $99, since I only used 1 day of the billed month? The features I'm allowed to use have already been downgraded to the free plan, so I've only received 1/30 of the monthly service.

Please let me know - couldn't find a better way to contact support but I'll be happy email/call someone directly if that's better. Thanks.

You can go to the support site or e-mail

Thanks, appreciate the quick response. Now that I know they exist, is there a reason that link and email address aren't shown within the dashboard/console?

It is on the bottom of the page, and within the documentation that is linked to by Help within the dashboard.