Priority column for installed.packages show NA

Hi everyone, as someone who just started learning R, I came across this issue which might be a really simple thing, but if someone could help me make sense of it, I'd really appreciate it. After entering the function installed.packages() to see the list of base and recommended packages, the priority list in my R cloud does not appear on the same row. But that's not an issue, none of the packages are indicated as the base or recommended, it's just NA that I keep seeing. Now I understand, that for all other packages other than base and recommended, it shows as NA. But where are my base and recommended packages then? I have attached 1 screenshot below for the first part of it. At the bottom of these rows, the name of the packages are listed again like in a separate table and here also has the priority column with all packages shown as NA. (I realised I can only add 1 screenshot as a new user. sorry for the confusion).

R automatically truncates the results when it prints them in the console. To see the full gamut of packages, assign the result to a variable (say, ip <- installed.packages()) and then view the resulting matrix (click on it in the environment window or run View(ip) in the console).