Printing tibbles: Change font color of header and footer

Suppose that I have a tibble in R and print it, e.g.

tibble(data.frame("A" = seq(1,3), "B" = seq(4,6)))

The output includes a header, such as "A tibble: nrow x ncol," and the header is in a different color font from regular output (like if I printed a data.frame). There is a similar footer.

I would like to change the color of the header and footer text (but nothing else--the data is fine as is) in a way that applies across sessions. Is there a way to do so in my R_PROFILE? If not, can it be done through Linux settings (for sessions accessed at a terminal)?

Details (potentially unnecessary):

  • I am accessing R at a Linux command line, not a GUI
  • I changed the color of my terminal background. The regular R output font looks fine, but the tibble header/footer font color is almost the same as the background.
  • I researched how to change the way tibbles are printed and found pillar's tbl_format_setup(), but I did not see (or understand) an option that would change the font color.

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