Print to PDF a tabPanel in Shiny

I have an App in Shiny which I use to process my data. Once I finish the processing I would like to print all my tabs into PDF format to use in a report I need to write, does anyone know a straightforward method to print each tab as a page of a PDF document?

Here is an example of 2 tabs I want to print:

library(shiny) #

ui <- fluidPage(
    tabPanel("Introduction", #tab used for introduction where the app is explained
             titlePanel("Introduction to FLASH version in R"),
             h5("This open source version of FLASH"),
               ) #close mainPanel
    ), #close introduction tabPanel
    tabPanel("Borehole and Test Data", #tab used for entering the well data
             titlePanel("Enter well basic data information"),
                        selectInput(inputId = "Units", label="Measurement system", 
                                    choices = list("Metric" = 1, 
                                                   "Imperial" = 2), 
                                    selected = 1,
                                    width = "200px")
                 ), #close column
                        textAreaInput(inputId = "TestDescription", 
                                      label = "Test Description:", 
                                      value = "", 
                                      width = "200px", 
                                      height = "293px",
                                      cols = NULL, 
                                      rows = NULL, 
                                      placeholder = NULL, 
                                      resize = NULL)
                 ) #close column
               )  #close fluiRow
             ) #close mainPanel
    )#close tabPanel
  ) #close tabsetPanel
  ) #close ui fluidPage

server <- function(input,output){
} #close server function

shinyApp(ui=ui, server=server) #run the shiny app

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