Print as A3 in "Save plot as PDF" Configuration dialog?

Is it possible for users to add custom paper size definitions to the "Save plot as..." configuration dialog box? Here I'd like "A3" to appear inside the "PDF size:" select field.

I know how to add my custom size (just double the A4 dimensions), but I prefer to have a persistent "A3" size in the selection list. Simply to avoid entering the A3 every time I want to print a larger plot.

The default is the devise size, or dimensions of RStudio's plot window. I am not aware of how to change this default other than suggest an IDE feature request, or offer a contribution to where this is handled (
A feature request of "first default to device, then default to last used, unless the R-session has been reset" seems pretty reasonable to me. But others may disagree. Creating an enhancement request via github issues is a good way to start that discussion.

But if you are saving plots so frequently as for this to be a hassle, I'd suggest looking into saving your plots via code.

ggplot2 - look into your options with ggsave (if a ggplot). Device would obviously be "pdf" and width, height, and units set to A3.

base-r - And here's a discussion with base R, using pdf, some plotting, and

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With this question I just wanted to make sure that there was an option somewhere that I didn't know about.

Thanks for that detailed answer, maybe I'll add an enhancement request, then.

I've already saved plots will ggsave(), this is easy and convenient.

But sometimes when I go through a list of older plots inside the rstudio "Plots" pane, I discover some older plot that's worth saving/printing for some reason. In this case often the codechunk containing the ggsave call has been changed in places, and undoing the changes is not really possible. Then I wished printing as A3 would be easier.