Preview version for Mac 10.11 or 10.12?

Tried installing the preview version 1.2.1015 on OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) but the installer says it needs 10.12 (Sierra). The download page says it's 10.11+ so I was wondering which one is right?


I believe it's 10.11, per @kevinushey's answer here, too.

I don't have 10.11 to test, but hopefully the IDE team can clear this up. There was an unintentional 10.12 requirement, but I believe that's been patched:

I wonder if it's fixed in the dailies but not in preview for some reason:

Thanks for reporting.

We're now tracking this at -- our original goal was to support El Capitan if possible; we'll have to re-evaluate that and see if we can indeed still accomplish this.

Great, thanks for the quick responses. So for anyone landing here it looks like it'll be 10.12 going forwards but we'll see what happens. Thanks again.