Preview Version 1.2 not showing new tabs in connection pane (macos)

I read this post from the RStudio blog and decided to try out the RStudio 1.2 Preview Connection pane.

After installing the current Preview version ( v1.2.1015-1 for MacOs) I find no change Version 1.1. The dialog box for New Connection has the same appearance as in 1.1, and once I establish a connection there is no SQL button to create a new sql script based on that connection.

On the other hand when I make a new SQL script I can get the Preview function to work by typing in a the full code for a manual connection.

(Note that I have to make my connections manually rather than through the dialog box, as I have so far been unable to get odbc to work.)

I am having the same issue.
Here is my Connections pane

On a Linux system I can get odbc connections to work, and then I get dialog-box behavior close to, but not the same as, what was shown in the blog post Buttons on the connectins pane are the same and the the SQL scripts appear to behave as shown, too.

If I can get odbc working on the Mac then I'll come back with screen shots.