Preview/Input Wanted for new Logging Package

I decided to edit this post a bit as a lgr cran release is now imminent, and I am still hoping against hope for some feedback ;).

A few weeks ago I started working on lgr, a new logging Package for R as existing solutions didn't really cover my needs. I am aware that there is a plethora of logging Packages already, and quite a few abandoned ones. I can at least promise that yog will not be abandoned anytime soon, as I already started using it in production at work.

Lgr is built on R6 classes and follows a strict mutable-oo paradigm. This is a bit exotic in R, but not totally unheard of. I was hoping for some input from the community, especially which features / appenders you are missing in existing logging solutions.


  • Hierarchical loggers like in log4j and python logging.
  • An arbitrary number of appenders for each logger
  • arbitrarily complex filters for appenders and loggers
  • arbitrary data fields for log events
  • Wide range of Appenders included (console, file, json, databases, pushbullet, email, memory buffer, ...)
  • Optional color support via crayon

Extensive vignette with code examples