Preserving devtools shortcuts with custom builds

I've recently discovered the joys of using a custom build script to run an analysis using some run_all.R type script. This is a great feature. I can run the script without tying up my rsession.

However when doing this type of work I often leverage a DESCRIPTION file for managing packages in the project in particular using the devtools::test() and devtools::load_all() keyboard shortcuts in the IDE. When I change the build to custom I lose those shortcuts because RStudio no longer thinks we are working on a package (which we aren't). Those commands themselves still work fine but the keyboard shortcuts don't work anymore. Further trying to modify those shortcuts to anything else don't not seem to take effect.

One change I noticed is that in the .Rproj file the BuildType change from "Package" to "Custom". That makes sense. But I also lost this line: PackageUseDevtools: Yes. If I try to manually add in back in the .Rproj file, it is automatically removed when I open that project.

So my question: is there any way to preserve the devtools shortcuts when using a Custom Build?

Using RStudio version 1.3.1093

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