Present results in table (ordinal logistic regression, polr-function)

I am not sure how to present my results from my ordered logistic regression. What should I include in my table? I have only seen examples of tables where the researcher has used STATA and ologit (and thus they present things that does not appear in my results). Using the polr-function I get the coefficients, std.err., t-value, intercepts, residual deviance and AIC. I also calculated the p-values. What should I include in my table and how? (I run 4 different regressions and I was thinking of having them in the same table)

Thank you in advance.

this is not a programming question. The best way to understand what to report is to refer to the literature of your field. Then, you can use xtable, kableExtra and others to get your table done. good luck

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