Prerendered Shiny Document and Shiny modules

I have a dashboard written as prerendered shiny doc. Is it possible to implement shiny modules in this format for easier management?

Prerendered shiny doc is a format adopted by my company recently, and many products were built with it using a consistent CSS for a standardized look.
My project uses this as well, and I was hoping to utilize shiny modules for easier debugging and reusing rather than redundant copy-n-pasting.

I've also encountered an issue after hosting on The app/doc runs perfectly, but after a while, this error pops up:
Error in local_error_context: promise already under evaluation: recursive default argument reference or earlier problems?

Quick search points to function's default/formal argument naming being the key (basically, don't do function(x = x)), but I have no such definitions... so I'm hoping shiny modules and specific namespacing will resolve this issue.