Predict function accuracy to increase

I have a working Predict function.Now it needs a much higher accuracy as the prediction is not accurate enough.Its not even close.
Is there a package or code anyone knows how to increase accuracy of the below predict function?


# import data
setwd("C:/Users/jenny/Desktop/R Studio")
sales <- read_excel("C:file)")

sales <- ts(sales, frequency=3, start=c(2019,1))

Created on 2020-06-18 by the reprex package (v0.3.0)

The reprex isn't of any use as it is reading from the file on your computer.

It looks like you are trying to predict the next few values of a time series though. Try the fable package.

Hi, i will test it for sure.Thank you William.

Hi,i tried to test it,but i cant get the code correct.
Does it show a prediction with Alpha, Beta and Gamma?

It would depend on the model you are using. There is an example with an ETS model with the alpha, beta and gamma smoothing parameters:

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