powerpoint cannnot open the file... The file may be damaged after rendering rmarkdown


I am attempting to render a powerpoint presentation from rmarkdown.
I downloaded this powerpoint template and associated files from sol-eng and am able to generate the powerpoint as is.

However, if I open the template and do view -> slide master
and adjust any of the slide master (i.e. change the background color), I get the error "The file may be damaged or it may have been created in a pre-release version of PowerPoint." when I attempt to render the powerpoint.

I am unclear why using the template as is vs changing the background would generate an error in making the powerpoint presentation.

I am not sure if this is due to either a rmarkdown issue or a powerpoint issue.
Any suggestions would be helpful:)

Strange, I used a different computer/version of powerpoint; adjusted the master slide and now it works.

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