Posting a flexdashboard on an existing external webpage


I have created a simple flexdashboard, nothing fancy, did not use Shiny, and would like to generate what is needed to post it within an existing webpage. Do I need to generate an iframe to do this? I have looked everywhere and am not finding the information I need. Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi @julieyork414,

You should be able to inject the dashboard into another web page using an iframe. Since the dashboard does not use Shiny, it may be easiest to first use a static site hosting service to serve your dashboard. You may wish to host the dashboard using something like GitHub Pages, for example, and then you can use that link to create an iframe in another site.

Alternatively, you may place the dashboard HTML file within the file hierarchy of the other website and use a relative link for the iframe.

This post should probably provide some guidance: Embedding flexdashboard in pkgdown site. They are interested in embedding a flexdashboard in a {pkgdown} website, but the idea is the same. They skip past how exactly to host your dashboard via GitHub Pages but there are many good resources for doing this.


Thank you, @mattwarkentin! This is very helpful.


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