POST Requests to an API / data management

I am sending a POST request for an API and it is returning the correct results, but as there are 2 tags, it is creating 2 tables. I would like to run this for over 800 different but want it to come in as a single long table.

the perfect table would look as followings:

Date | Bond |Price
20190301| USP57908AH15| 100
20190331| US71647NAZ24| 99

Any help would be appreciated

url_Credit<- ''
req_Credit<- '{"startDate": 20190301, "endDate": 20190331 ,"tags":["CREDIT.BOND.US71647NAZ24.PRICE","CREDIT.BOND.USP57908AH15.PRICE"]}'
resp_Credit<- POST(url_Credit , body=req_Credit, add_headers("accept" = "application/json","authorization" = Modifed_Token , "content-type" = "application/json"))
data_Credit<- (toJSON(content(resp_Credit, as = "parsed")))
Credit_data_Prices <

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