post hoc in lme


can someone help me with post hoc testing?

I have a 2x4 repeated measures design with group (0,1) and condition(6,10,16,60). Condition here is not continious.

I have set up a simple LME:
Outcome ~ Group * Condition + (1|ID).

Now the main effects for both group and condition have been shown to be significant. There is no interaction.

So I know that there are group differences but I do not know to which extent in which condition.How can I do in R so that I can show where the group differences are for each of the four conditions?

So far I have tried with emeans:

emmeans(model, list(consec ~ Group* Condition), adjust = "bonferroni")

In the post hoc analysis, however, I always get the same results for exactly the conditions I want to compare - see picture.



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