Possible use of Shiny App?

First, the disclaimer: new to Shiny, still working through documentation and video lessons, produced one dashboard with flexidashboard successfully.

Now the question:
Context is a small University's course evaluations where collected data output is not a tidy table format. I have Tidyverse code to disassemble and and re-assemble 20 of 25 questions into a format that non-R users can comprehend and work with in Excel. The number, order, content and response scales never change, so the code can work with just a few alterations to file names (fl16, sp16,su17, fl17, etc.) which I currently do with find and replace. At the moment I am working to alleviate repetition in the script with purrr.

What I am curious to know is if there can be a Shiny app solution that would allow non-R users to a) select an excel file somewhere in a directory on their part of the network, then b) select the file name segment that will ID the output by semester, and c) deliver the output csv file to a directory>folder of their choice.

We have developed a similar VBA based app for a different purpose, but it is cranky and only our office can use it due to frequent tweaking. What I would love to do is (buzzword alert) empower the different departments with a server-based app they can use independent of our office to reorganize the course evaluation output.

Does this sound like a job Shiny can handle? If so, what are the recommended processing steps?My impulse is to get the code & functions tight first, then figure out how to deploy as Shiny. Regarding the Shiny code, are the examples you can point me to?

Thanks to any and all who reply.

Hi @ChicagoDave, yes, here two examples you can find in our Shiny Gallery (http://shiny.rstudio.com/gallery/ ):