Possible to use Rtools software with RStudio Cloud?

Hi there,

I'm a novice user of R and am working on a project for which I'm using a package (PupillometryR) that only works with Rtools (I'm working with version 4.2, the latest one) being installed. This works quite well on my laptop, but my supervisor would like me to work in RStudio Cloud. Unfortunately, I cannot find a way to make the cloud environment work with Rtools.

Is this even possible? If so, how? Are there any alternatives?

Rtools is a preconfigured recollection of compilers required to build R packages on Windows environments, it is only required for installing packages from source on Windows, you do not need it (or can even use it) on a Linux environment as the one RStucio Cloud uses. It is perfectly possible to install PupillometryR in RStudio Cloud so you should not have any issues using it there.

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