Possible to use markdown::rpubsUpload from an Rstudio server session?

I have no problems using markdown::rpubsUpload from an Rstudio session running on my laptop. But I'm getting an error when trying to use it from an Rstudio-server session running in my Chrome browser window:

> setwd("myDir")
> result <- markdown::rpubsUpload(title='myTitle',
+                                 htmlFile='myFile.html')
Warning messages:
1: invalid uid value replaced by that for user 'nobody' 
2: invalid gid value replaced by that for user 'nobody' 

I have a tab open to Rpubs (and am signed in on that tab) in the same browser. But I'm not sure how the uid and gid credentials are supposed to be set in this context. If it matters, my connection to the Rstudio-server requires first authenticating through BIG-IP edge client.


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