Possible to update only 1 blogdown post?

Is it possible to run a blogdown command to manually update one post, instead of serve_site() to update my entire site?

I'm setting up a blog post to be updated frequently as precinct election results are announced tomorrow. Speed will be important. Ideally I'd like to run a command to update just that one page, instead of serve_site() to update the entire site, since serve_site() can take awhile to run on my system.

(I usually like to preview my posts before publishing them, which is why I haven't set up Travis CI (plus I already have a Web host, so am not using Netlify.)


I have a similar question. Calling @yihui for clarification...
Every time I publish a new post, I look at my RSS feed and I see all of my previous posts again as unread.
Here is how it shows up in Feedly:

(the 2 bottom posts are 2 months old, but showed up again...)

Now, I am sure I'm doing something terribly wrong. I wonder what...

serve_site() only updates the revised Rmd post (typically a single post): https://bookdown.org/yihui/blogdown/local-preview.html but it calls Hugo to rebuild the whole site, which should be lightning fast (typically 1000 pages in 1 second, unless you have hundreds of thousands of pages or are on Windows...). If Hugo is slow anyway for some reason, you may try a different LiveReload approach: https://bookdown.org/yihui/blogdown/livereload.html, which is what I use by myself.

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That is a totally different question, and too little information is given (reprex please). My best guess is that your theme might be the culprit, and I have no idea which Hugo theme you are using, or where your source repo is.


Thanks man, I'll investigate further! Pardon for confusing unrelated questions!