Possible to change the OpenAPI spec url?

I want to change the url of OpenAPI spec url from openapi.json to swagger.json. But I can't find any document or code about OpenAPI spec url. Is it possible?


redirect <- function(req, res) {
  res$status <- 301 # redirect permanently
  res$setHeader("Location", "../openapi.json")
  res$body <- "redirecting..."

pr() %>% pr_get("/swagger.json", redirect) %>% pr_run()

Thanks for reply. It's working with 301.
But is there any way without using redirecting ? In my case, the spec URL will be integrate with other tools, 301 may cause unexpected error.
Maybe there is a function could generate current pr object's openapi spec contents, then I can just response it ?

pr <- pr()
pr %>% pr_get("/swagger.json", pr$getApiSpec) %>% pr_run()
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