Position of selectizeInput dropdown button

I'm build a Shiny page for visualizing measurements of lead and copper in water in schools. The page is pretty compact with several controls in a tabset panel. I want to place a selectizeInput control in a tight space and move the dropdown arrow to the far right as it is blocking about 1/3 of the space for the choices to be displayed. When I use the object inspector in Firefox Developer, the appropriate parameter to modify is in the 'after' portion of the control and is 'right', defaulting to 17px. My question is: how can I modify this parameter using as tags$style or similar declaration in the ui.r code? Many searches have yielded several solutions, none of which work. Any guidance is welcome.

Below is an example I believe achieves the desired output.


ui <- fluidPage(
    '#id2+ .plugin-selectize-plugin-a11y .has-items::after {right: 0px;}'
  selectizeInput('id1', 'Normal', choices = state.abb, width = 60),
  selectizeInput('id2', 'Moved', choices = state.abb, width = 60)

server <- function(input, output, session) {}

shinyApp(ui, server)


This is a beautifully simple solution. Thank you so much!

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