Posit support unresponsive

I posted a support request on the premium support contact form on Monday. It was marked as Critical. I have not even received an acknowledgement that someone has seen it or anyone has been assigned to it. 4 days is a long time for a critical issue.

Is posit not actually monitoring that support ticket site? What's going on?


Our apologies for the slower response to your issue. In addition to the company holiday yesterday, we have been experiencing a high volume of tickets, which has resulted in longer response times. Rest assured we are addressing your question and we value your continued use of shinyapps.io.

Thank you for your understanding.

Posit Support team

How was the critical priority of your support request communicated? Is there a specific service level agreement (SLA) or response time commitment for critical issues that you're aware of?

When you submit a new request it asks you to classify the severity. Critical is one of the options.

It has since been resolved.