Posit (R Studio) does not capture "Date" cells when uploaded from Googls sheets

Hi Experts,
I have uploaded a Timeseries data from Googlesheets(GS) in to Posit ( R Studio).This data has
(1) Date column.The cells have been formatted in GS as"Date".
(2) The other columns have cells that are formatted in"number" in GS.
Upon uploading I find only the cells that are formatted "number" (in GS) have been uploaded.The cells tthat are formatted as "date" have not been uploaded.To be specific this is how the data appears in R:1 <dttm [1]> 6862 6943 6814 6937 2167000
I used str() and see these values.These are relevant to the cells in the date column of GS( source file):
POSIXct[1:1], format: "2023-02-08"
.. : POSIXct[1:1], format: "2023-01-08" .. : chr "07/31/2023"
..$ : chr "07/28/2023" ....
I tried A$Date <- as.Date(A$Date) and getting an error

Error in as.Date.default(A$Date) :
do not know how to convert 'A$Date' to class “Date”

Please guide me here.

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