Posit Connect troubleshooting:

Hello all, I'm using a venv of python 3.9.13 and a requirements.txt in my project:

pandas                    2.0.0
plotly                   5.14.1

Two codes parts works locally but not on Posit Connect:

df = scope[["ID"] + [what]].groupby(["ID"]).nunique()

df["Share"] = df.groupby(
).apply(lambda x: round(100 * x / float(df[what].sum()), 2))

This part return locally the percentage and NaN on Posit Connect...

data = (
    data[["ID"] + [what, level]]
    .groupby([what, level])

This return Error: incompatible index of inserted column with frame index (impossible to have multiple index).

In the log ONLY on Posit Connect, error is: ValueError: operands could not be broadcast together with shapes (2782,2) (3,) (2782,2).

It's possible the error is related to the python version on Posit Connect (3.10.6). However, if I use this version locally in place of 3.9.13, it works correctly. Anyone knows why? Thanks all!

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