Posit Connect pandoc not finding .sty files?

We have a Shiny app that works in Posit Workbench - it creates some plots & text then converts to pdf for download - but when it's published to Posit Connect it looks like pandoc can't find the .sty files for creatingthe content, specifically the error is ! LaTeX Error: File 'threeparttablex.sty' not found.
This then crashes Shiny.
The style is part of texlive-threeparttable and it's installed correctly on both the Workbench and Connect servers.
The pandoc being used is one included with rstudio-connect, /opt/rstudio-connect/ext/pandoc/2.16/pandoc
How I get pandoc to see the correct style files? Do they need to be "published" from Workbench? Any ideas??

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