Posit Connect breaks external website links in running Shiny apps

For all of my shiny apps that include urls in interactive tables (reactable & rhandsontable tables), the urls work correctly when I run the app on a remote server via Posit Workbench (using shiny::runApp(); see attached for an example table with links).

However, when the Shiny app is deployed on Posit Connect (another Linux remote server), the urls in the tables all break. For example, the url https://test.biodb.com/samples/containers/con_bDZbzIZx changes to when the app is running on Posit Connect (Note: I've changed the URLs a bit for the sake of privacy). Notably, is the IP for the Posit Connect instance that I'm using.

Any ideas on why Posit Connect is modifying (breaking) the urls (links) in reactable & rhandsontable tables?

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I had to include target="_blank" to fix the issue (results in links opening in a new browser tab). An example url: <a href="https://www.w3schools.com" target="_blank">Visit W3Schools</a>