Posit Cloud Project - Cannot Open Project Anymore - Stuck on White Screen

Hi All,

I need desperate help... I have been using Posit cloud for a group assignment where we have been coding in qmd fiiles and preparing a final document in qmd file for pdf submission. It is due tomorrow and ALL our coding and reports are not accessible anymore - Please view image below. I can't even Relaunch the project because it freezes before there is confirmation of the Relaunch... We are stuck and desperate need to un freeze this. Has anyone encountered this before and has a solution? we need it now.. I loved using Posit as it was collaborative but I'm really reconsidering this platform now due to the unreliability of it when we need it the most...

Hi Richard, sorry you are running into this issue. Let's see if we can get you unblocked. Could you try upping the amount of RAM your project is using? That might be the issue here. If you use the settings icon in the upper right, you should be able to change the resources on the project, including the amount of RAM.
Let us know if that helps or not.
Also, you appear to have a premium account with us, so please feel free to open an official support ticket. In the left hand navigation panel of Posit Cloud, you should see a Technical Support link. Click on that and add the details of your issue there.
Cheers, Jenn

Hi Richard,

Sorry about the issue you are running into. If the UI is completely unresponsive your rsession may be having issues loading meta data from your .rstudio directory. I moved that RStudio meta data into a new directory called .rstudio-old. Go ahead and try loading that project again. Let us know if it's working.

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