Posit Cloud Import CSV instructions

The instructions to import a file into Posit Cloud is "To do this, go to the Files tab in the lower-right console. Then, click the Upload button next to the + New Folder button. This will open a popup to let you browse your computer for a file. Select any .csv file, then click Open." I am on Windows and the folders displayed are folders that would be on a linux machine, not Windows and so I don't know how to follow the instructions, since my CSV file is not in any linux folder. What to do?

The Browse... button is for choosing where you want the file to be uploaded to. To pick the file on your computer click the Choose File button, which is right under "File to upload".

Yes, but the choices are all Linux style folders, like home, opt, mnt, etc; not Windows, like c:...\documents or desktop. This is the problem.

I can navigate to the opt and mmt files only if I click on the Browse button. If I click on Choose File then I only see files on my laptop, which is exactly what I need to upload one to Posit Cloud. Please explain precisely what you are doing that is showing the linux folders.

I am taking a Coursera course on Programming with R and was trying to use an online R help file which led me to the problems I was having. I have now noticed that instructions in problem description that I was trying to follow were much more clear and correct and I have been able to upload my correct file. Thank you very much for your responses. This is now resolved.

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