Posit Cloud API/Application Architecture Question

Hello, I am new to R and Shiny applications and have a newb question regarding the application architecture supported with Posit Cloud.

What We Are Building
We are building a health calculator that allows unauthenticated users to input metrics related to their personal situation through our third party website, these metrics will be sent via API to an R application which will generate a response that will be sent back via the API and displayed to the end user on our third party website.

Additional Technical Details
Our website is a WordPress site and we are building a WP plugin that will present the frontend UI and initiate the API calls and required tokenization via PHP.


  • Can we host both the R script and the API in Posit Cloud?
  • Will our third party website effectively be a single "user", utilizing that user's tokens to auth each API exchange?
  • What limitations/considerations are there with regards to API usage, throughput, and the related user account that would handling each API communication?
  • Is there a more reliable or efficient architecture design that you would recommend?

Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide. I represent a nonprofit and we initially purchased the highest account on ShinyApps.io, thinking that is all we needed. After discovering ShinyApps.io does not support API hosting, we were directed to Posit Connect, which we found was outside of our budget. This led us to Posit Cloud, and we are hoping this will be better suited for our project.


I believe you have also contacted support and we will follow up with you there in more detail.

In general, although it is currently possible to publish APIs to Posit Cloud, practical use is very limited because you must be authenticated/logged in to call them.