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I've finished my Master's Certificate in Data Analytics and want to create an R portfolio. I use the Tidyverse heavily and I'd like to know how the use of the Tidyverse in my portfolio would be viewed by Data Scientists, Data Analytics professionals and employers.

I've looked at some R repositories on Github and other areas and don't see the Tidyverse used. Since there are other ways to refer to objects, I'd like to get the style nailed down before I start my work.

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Congrats on finishing the course!

I think rather than focusing on specifically showcasing tidyverse skills, pick a problem/project from Kaggle and try to replicate it but in your own style.

Or if you’ve come across an interesting paper, re analyze the data using your own methods.

Don’t worry about learning and completing projects all at once. It is a curve and take it step by step and be patient.

As a first step, maybe create a personal website first? You will learn a whole lot just by that. You can use blogdown in r to make one.

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Thanks so much for your reply!

Sorry for any confusion. What I was trying to ask is if people would view the use of Tidyverse syntax unfavorably:

Example 1
df %>%

Example 2
df [,column1=="Democrat"]

Sorry I mis read your question.

In my opinion, use whatever style you're most comfortable with. Using tidyverse syntax isn't going to negatively affect your portfolio, if anything, it will add to it. Pretty much any post/package you see these days will be using tidyverse.

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