Port Issue running Shiny App on macOS vs Windows


My research partners and I are trying to run an app in Shiny that uses the rtweet package to scrape Twitter data. The app functions fine on a Windows machine, but when we try to run the app on macOS, we get an error with the port we're using (port 80):

Listening on
Error in initialize(...) : Failed to create server
createTcpServer: permission denied

When we change the port to what we think is the prefered port for macOS (port 1410), the authentication step fails.

Has anyone run into a similar issue?

Just to be sure I understand correctly the issue. The problems you have is creating and serving the shiny app, and then authenticating to Twitter's API?
I'm not sure what is the purpose of scraping Twitter data, check if it is according to the Twitter API policies.

You also do not show, what version of rtweet are you using or how do you authenticate. You seem to be using the user authentication. You should probably use the consumer_key, consumer_secret, access_token , access_secret of your own app to avoid using the browser/user authentication.

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