Popup.vars box on tmap


I have made a map using tmap and got issues in opening popup boxes in the html map.
The popup box is not user-friendly on html map.

I have to scroll up/down and left-right to see attributes of 'Ever experienced domestic violence (violent partner) ='. It doesn't show its full length/width.

Is it possible to stretch popup box out to its full length & width, rather than having to scroll up/down and left-right to see what it says? It has the right information, but it’s not super easy to read.

Violence <- tm_shape(DV12) +

tm_layout(title = "Ever experienced domestic violence (violent partner)",
title.position = c("center", "top")) +
tm_polygons("group", id = "SA4", popup.var= "Ever experienced domestic violence (violent partner) =",
palette = "Purples", style = "cat", title = "Violence",
labels = c("Insufficient numbers (N<30)", "Low prevalence (<17%)",
"Moderate prevalence (17 - 25%)", "High prevalence(>25%)")) +

tm_legend(position = c("left", "bottom"))



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