Popover with links in a table

Is there a way in R to create a table (using gt, kableExtra, reactable, whatever) where if you hover over an element of that table, a popover appears that have clickable content in that popover?

I see nice ways in kableExtra and gtExtras where you can create tooltips but there isn't anything in that tooltip that can be clicked. I've gone down a decent rabbit hole to try to see if I could write this myself but can't seem to make it work with quarto as this table is destined to live in a qmd.

So to be clear, it would look something like this but would change for each individual cell:


And it is how to create the popover at all that I am struggling with. Once I've got the right html I can modify that string to populate it with what I want.

I asked this in the quarto repo as there was some overlap and in that question, there is a method to implement this: Thoughts on why my gt output inside a qmd differ from it outside a qmd? · quarto-dev/quarto-cli · Discussion #7493 · GitHub

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