polaroid - 2020 Shiny Contest Submission


Authors: jhk0530
Working with Shiny more than 1 year

Abstract: Many R package display their own Hexagonal shape sticker Image (hexSticker). And there's 'hexSticker' package to create this hexStickers. However, it needs to work with Command User Interface which needs repetitive short time workflow. with this polaroid, R developer doesn't need to have hard time for generate hexsticker.

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Have you ever visited tidyverse page?

They displayed their R packages like collection of trophies.

More than their awesome look, I strongly believe hexSticker of each package summarizes the basic and core concept of that package.

Thanks to GuangchuangYu, there's hexSticker package to generate this hexSticker quite easily.

However, even it's not hard that much to create it, I usually made single use for each r packages, and forget to re-use it and build again and again.

So I decided to create shiny package for easily and interactively customize hexstickers.


polaroid is built based on hexSticker and argonDashboard

and all you have to do is just

  • upload png image for sticker.
  • set color / position / size of sticker attributes.
  • download sticker.


  • Some image generates error, i'm not sure but maybe grayscale image.
  • original hexSticker supports google font setting. and I'm consider it but not implemented yet.

Category: Shiny extensions
Keywords: hexSticker, argonDash
Shiny app: https://jhkim.shinyapps.io/polaroid/
Repo: GitHub - jhk0530/polaroid: Shiny application to generate hexsticker
RStudio Cloud: Posit Cloud


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