Poisson Distribution

I am looking to create a possion distribution line against a current plot. Being new to this kind of statistics I am not sure how to begin with this.

I've seen this video on how to explore the possion model although I cannot figure out how to express this over .R programming.

Ex 1) The Poisson Distribution in R
Ex 2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbLfV0wOeyc

The current data-set that I am working with is a calculations of a value of each day. I have plotted this, on a ggplot and I would like to create a similar table for the possion table to compare the results on the same graph.

attached I have included a link to downloadable .csv for the dataset

Attached is a picture of my current plot

Can you explain what the data represent? It is not clear to me how a Poisson distribution would be related to the data. The Poisson distribution has to do with counts of discrete events or items and your dependent variable seems to be continuous.

maybe some kind of ARIMA would be appropriate ?

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