Pointblank create informant

I've been exploring the pointblank package (which is great!) but I'm struggling to get the create_informant() function to work. For example the following code (copied from the pointblank git) returns the error:

Error in create_informant(., label = "A very simple example.", tbl_name = "example_tbl") :
could not find function "create_informant"

# Create a pointblank `informant` object, with the
# tibble as the target table. Use three information
# functions, then, `incorporate()`. The informant
# will then show you information about the tibble
informant <- 
    a = c(5, 7, 6, 5, NA, 7),
    b = c(6, 1, 0, 6,  0, 7)
  ) %>%
    label = "A very *simple* example.",
    tbl_name = "example_tbl"
  ) %>%
  info_tabular(description = "This two-column table is nothing all that
               interesting, but, it's fine for examples on **GitHub**
               `README` pages. Column names are `a` and `b`. (COOL) (STUFF)") %>%
  info_columns("a", info = "This column has an `NA` value. Watch out!") %>%
  info_columns("a", info = "Mean value is `{a_mean}`.") %>%
  info_columns("b", info = "Like column `a`. The lowest value is `{b_lowest}`.") %>%
  info_columns("b", info = "The highest value is `{b_highest}`.") %>%
  info_snippet("a_mean", fn = ~ . %>% .$a %>% mean(na.rm = TRUE) %>% round(2)) %>%
  info_snippet("b_lowest", fn = snip_lowest("b")) %>%
  info_snippet("b_highest", fn = snip_highest("b")) %>%
  info_section("further information", 
               `examples and documentation` = "Examples for how to use the
               `info_*()` functions (and many more) are available at the
               [**pointblank** site](https://rich-iannone.github.io/pointblank/).") %>%

I'm using package version 0.5.2 in R version 4.0.2 and I can't see the creat_informant() function in the documentation in the packages pane or RStudio. Has anyone else had (and solved) this problem?

Many thanks

I believe that function is not in 0.5.2 but you can get it in the development
I recommend using renv as a package manager.

install("rich-iannone/pointblank") #install dev pb with renv

Ah thanks for that! I hadn't thought about the dev version.

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