Point RStudio to remote R instance

I would like to have RStudio running on my local machine (os x) and the R executable on a remote computer.

I'm aware that I could run RStudio Server on the remote machine and connect to it using a web interface, however I abhor using web interfaces for things like this due to the delays and limited ability to move windows and use shortcuts.

Since RStudio isn't stand alone but points to an R executable elsewhere on the local machine (in a location that can be varied), it seems like in theory this pointer could be to a remote location. (Is there some reason this is incorrect?)

How might I accomplish this?

Have a look at remoter https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/remoter/ or rmote https://github.com/cloudyr/rmote
We've tried both for running R on a remote server that had a GPU installed.

This is definitely an interesting idea! I will say, have you used RStudio Server? I'm curious what delays and limited ability to move windows / use shortcuts you have experienced? I regularly use both RStudio on my desktop and RStudio Server Pro, and I find the experience to be quite similar. It would definitely be good to know what differences / deficiencies you are experiencing! Most shortcuts / windows should have the same behavior in RStudio Server as you experience locally.

Part of the reason for my asking this is that RStudio Desktop is a browser (in a desktop application shell)... so you are using a browser interface even when you are using RStudio locally. The main difference is just that the R session is on your local machine and you access your local files, as you mention. Clearly latency will be lower locally, but just like most web interfaces / websites, the latency for RStudio Server should be minimally noticeable if configured properly.

I haven't actually used RStudio Server, I just have a general hatred for web apps that could be standalone. I can't seem to find a demo of RStudio Server to try anywhere. I'm guessing however that I can't pop out the panes? Is there a demo of it running somewhere i can try?

Easiest thing is probably to try https://rstudio.cloud, RStudio’s free cloud service.


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