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Podcast Index Database Dashboard

Authors: Eric Nantz
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The Podcast Index is an independent and open catalog of podcasts feeds serving as the backbone of what is referred to as the Podcasting 2.0 initiative. The data contained in the Podcast Index is available through a robust REST API as well as a SQLite database updated every week.

The Podcast Index Database Dashboard is my attempt to give back to the amazing Podcasting 2.0 initiative. A key concept that drives the engagement and enthusiasm in this community is the unique ways each of us can contribute time, talent, and treasure to benefit everyone. The objectives of this dashboard are to highlight potential duplicate podcast entries as well as perform quality assessments of the index to highlight potential issues.

:studio_microphone: You can learn more about the present and future directions of this project in my interview with Adam Curry and Dave Jones on episode 179 of the Podcasting 2.0 show!


Tech Stack

Much like the ethos behind podcasting 2.0, the Podcast Index Database Dashboard is proudly built on the foundations of open-source:

  • Quarto technical publishing system with the new capability of dashboards.
  • The R project for statistical computing with the following amazing packages:

Analysis Pipeline

The duplicate records and data quality analysis pipelines are executed weekly (after the Podcast Index SQLite database is refreshed) as scheduled GitHub Action workflows. Visit the GitHub repository at https://github.com/rpodcast/pod-db-checker to find the following scripts:

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Table: PodcastIndex Dashboard 1.1.0
Code: GitHub - rpodcast/pod-db-dash: Podcast index database quality dashboard
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