Poblem with RStudio Cursor and prompt

I am using RStudio Version 3.6.1 (2019-07-05) on Windows 10 Pro Version 1809.
The command prompt and the cursor of the console disappear under the taskbar of the window, after I type in a few commands and get response. The previous text does on just scroll up.
Since the command prompt and cursor do not appear I can not proceed any longer.
Pl advise.
J Satyanarayana

You are confusing your R version (3.6.1) with your RStudio version, they are not the same, What version of Rstudio are you using? Also, could you please provide detailed steps to reproduce your issue and a screenshot of what you are seen as a result?

Thanks for the response.
I am using RStudio Version 1.2.1335 Build 1379(f1ac3452).
here is the screen shot1:

Scrrenshot2 being sent in next post.

Here is the Screenshot2:

Thanks JS

Immediate update!!
The problem (?) is resolved very simply by pressing the 'Minimize' button on the top right corner of the window!!
The case can be closed now!
Sorry for the inconvenience.
J Satyanarayana

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