Poblem converting odds ratios to relative risk using the sjstats package

vicinity_data2$sex <- factor(vicinity_data2$sex)
model <- glm(dyslipidemia ~ ageyrs + age_cat + vegetable_intake + weight + fried_food_intake + beverage_intake + fruit_intake + educ_level + dest_cat + bmi_cat, family = "binomial", data = vicinity_data2[vicinity_data2$sex == "F", ])

tbl_logit <- tbl_regression(model,
label = tableby_labels,
exponentiate = TRUE) %>%
bold_labels() %>%


#convert odds ratio to relative risk

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This function is defunct. Recommended replacement is effectsize::oddsratio_to_riskratio(). DescTools::ORToRelRisk() is another alternative.

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