Plumber API in R Studio Cloud

Longtime lurker and first-time poster here: Are Plumber APIs suitable for use in R Studio Cloud? I'm using one to receive json input from a webpage and run a Monte Carlo model, which works perfectly in R Studio. However in the Cloud version I get the following error after a few minutes:

model running on cloud error

I'm wondering if it's something I've done, or if Plumber is not the right way to approach this? The API isn't hosted, it's being run in the browser.


I think the error message is probably unrelated to accessing the plumber API. That message tends to indicate the the R process was killed because it has exceeded the 1GB memory limit in a cloud project running on the free tier. So either the data that's coming from the API is larger then the available memory - or the Monte Carlo model could be exceeding the memory limit while processing the data.


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That makes a lot of sense - it's a hefty simulation and I'm on the basic free tier. I'll look at increasing the resources available, thanks for your response.

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