plumber API giving extra brackets


I have been using the package plumber to create an API that access an influxdb database. This has gone well except I have square brackets surrounding the returned values:

[{"df.time":"2019-05-14 05:44:28","df.temperature":33.49}]

I originally had two of the brackets around the values because I used list(dataframe) at the end because I thought I had to, I have tried unlist(dataframe) but that doesn't give the correct format anymore.

My code:


  #' Echo the parameter that was sent in
#' @param msg The message to echo back.
#' @get /echo
function(username="", type = "", device = "", tail = ""){
  con <- influxdbr::influx_connection("###")
  query_data <- paste0("SELECT temperature FROM Example")
  db_data <- paste0(username)
  docking <- 10
  result <- influx_select(con = con, 
                          db = db_data, 
                          field_keys = type, 
                          measurement = device, 
                          group_by = "*", 
                          limit = tail, 
                          order_desc = TRUE, 
                          return_xts = FALSE)
  df <- data.frame(result)
  dat <- data.frame(df$time, df$temperature)

The url is here if you would like to see the result:
I also need to clean up the names such as "df.time" but that a different issue that I suspect won't be hard.

My question is how do I remove the outer square brackets and display json format?

I have spent a fair bit of time googling, but it's very possible I missed something obvious. I've been using the main documentation to try and help + numerous stackoverflow forums but nothing that I've been able to implement.

Thank you.

In R, when you a have data.frame only one row, you can asked to unbox this and do not have that {

df <- fromJSON('[{"df.time":"2019-05-14 05:44:28","df.temperature":33.49}]')
#> {"df.time":"2019-05-14 05:44:28","df.temperature":33.49}

Created on 2019-07-04 by the reprex package (v0.3.0.9000)

With plumber, the only option you have I think is the auto_unbox variant but it does not do that for one row data.frame

You may try to bypass serialization and creating yourself the json string

That is said, [{"df.time":"2019-05-14 05:44:28","df.temperature":33.49}] is still correct json that you should be able to read.

Your example is correctly picked up by firefox


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