Plumber 0.4.x Post Request Retrieve Body?


I was wondering, how does one retrieve the request's body in a POST request made to a Plumber endpoint? For certain business reasons Im only allowed to use Plumber 0.4.x. In plumber 1.0.0 Id use the following but this doesnt appear to be the case for <1.0. Ive found a few named entries in the req object but none of them have the request body (postBody was the closest named entry i found but it was also empty)

Any help would be appreciated. Also, where may I find the documentation for this version of Plumber (if it exists)? Ive referred to what is on the website but that doesnt seem to be well aligned.

#* @serializer json
#* @response 200 etc etc
#* @post /projects
function(res, req){

Is supposed to contain the request postBody. Business reasons are the worst.

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