Plotting on R studio

plotting only the weights of each study without showing the overall size effect (Total) in a meta-analysis plot.

where is the forest function that you are attempting to use from ?

Plot <- forest(
This is the function no?

it is not a function in R by default.
it is something with an external definition.
do you load any packages/libraries ?
you can do


to try and see where it comes from


to read the documentation.

To plot only the weights of each study without showing the overall size effect (Total), you may need to customize the plot settings accordingly. Without knowing the specific software or package you are using to create the plot, it is challenging to provide detailed instructions. However, I can give you some general guidance that should be applicable to most plotting tools.

  1. Check the Plot Function Parameters: Make sure you have correctly set the overall = FALSE parameter in the plot function. Additionally, check if there are other parameters related to the display of weights or study details that you can adjust.
  2. Customize Plot Appearance: Explore if there are options to customize the plot appearance or layers. You may be able to remove the overall size effect (Total) from the plot by modifying the plot layers or legend settings.
  3. Separate Plot for Weights: If customizing the existing plot is not feasible, consider creating a separate plot that shows only the weights of each study. You can extract the weights data and plot it independently.
  4. Consult Documentation or Support: Refer to the documentation of the software or package you are using for the plot. Look for examples or guides on customizing the plot to display only the weights. If necessary, seek support from the package's developers or community forums for further assistance.

metafor tidyverse

I ma using R studio, Yes, I checked, overall = FALSE, it's okay. I want to put the weight with studies and other resulats not as a separate plot

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