plotting multiple plots and keeping them


I'm trying to keep all the plots in my script seperately or in one page.
When plotting in R the panel on the right shows the plot but then, the next one overwrites it.
How do I prevent it from overwriting in a simple way (not saving all of them in a folder)


I think you navigate the plots in the plotpanel by selecting an earlier or later plot?
Is this what you need?

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If you're using ggplot2 to make your plots, you might want to look into the patchwork package to put them together.

If you're using RStudio, you can see previous plots by clicking on the left/right arrows on the plot pane


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Thanks for replying.

Well it is a great temporary solution for me.
Is there a way to split those windows?

I have tried quartz() function but after three plots the fourth overwrites the first one and I have no idea why.


Thank you.

Yes it is a good solution.

My plots are sometimes generated by ggplot and sometimes not.
Is there a way to manage them in a similar manner as the ggplot package you mentioned?


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