Plotting a super large SankeyNetwork

Hello everyone

I would like to plot a rather large network and the result is currently not very satisfying. I am using the visNetwork and networkD3 package.

My question is whether it is possible to make the plot much bigger or make it zoomable.

Thank you!

Unless the purpose of the chart is to convey the message that the subject under analysis is very complex, I think such a chart serves no real purpose.
To make a chart which can give insight to humans, I would consider an approach based on summarising the flows, perhaps a clustering approach. you could then have a few simple, bold flows, and add some text / a key to categorise the flows .
Consider the examples here:

in the first, there is a natural heirarchy at the level of continent. Imagine if the chart was at the level of postal/zip code, it would become unreadable.


Thank you very much this definitely makes sense. Sometimes the solution is just too obvious.

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